Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Trip To Puerto Rico and How I made $8,000 Trading With Awesome Views.

My Trip To Dorado Beach Puerto Rico.
One of the beautiful things about being a day trader is that all you really need is a computer and wi-fi to work.  I went to Puerto Rico from Aug 17 to 23rd and it was during the $APPG bounce after the first dump.  This is one of the best shorts in my opinion to be aggressive on because pumps rarely ever make it back to pump highs after the first dump.  Knowing the history and similarities to past pump $DIMI with Dodi Handy being involved I really wanted to nail this one.  Friday, before the weekend where I left, I unboxed some to be net short and put out a report you can see here exposing APPG for the fraud it is.  With the bigger pumps I tend to be really shaky but it's time I started nailing these!

$APPG Chart Before I left

Sunday I was off


When I got to my room at the Ritz Carlton.  I was super pumped because my office was sick with an amazing view!

Luckily I was here with another trader that really helped me stay less shaky with $APPG.  I always tend to cover to soon on these bigger pumps.  Luckily for me $APPG was weak all week.  Even though I had a fat finger mistake trying to cover 1k I ended up covering 10k at .74 I was still proud of my patience on this one.  Fat finger cost me a couple grand but I still ended up making 7k on it overall.  My boxing and unboxing needs more work but that's still a work in progress.  One of the benefits of having two brokers now is I can box my positions.

 short side

I was covered all up by Wednesday so I can could enjoy the rest of the trip and its amazing views.  Got to love being a daytrader!

Even met Peter Schiff at the Beach

All and all it was an amazing trip and what made it even better was that it was one of my biggest weeks trading.  If your interested in learning how to short penny stocks I learned from Timothy Sykes and you can too here  #FREEDOM

Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Pumps Look Like Near SummerTime

Monday, April 7, 2014

Watchlist for April 8th 2014

If you want Real Time Trade Alerts read this blog post here.

This pump and dump is getting near the previous bounce high. Get pump details here.  I am looking to short here and set my mental stop above that previous bounce high.  Looking for a failure to break that then start dumping again.  I will be looking for shares to short.  Read my report here.  As you can see I banked on the first drop here to bad I left 8k on the table for not being patient.  Then I banked on the second drop but this time I tried to be patient and it bounced smh lol.  See trade here.

Make sure you follow Michael Goode on twitter.  He posted up the landing page for $WIIM this morning.  I shorted last week and covered for a loss.  StockMister pumped it early last week.  When a crappy pump keeps inching up that usually means there is something else going on and its time to get out and thats what I did.  I am glad I was not hard headed with it because it had a decent day today.
Landing page here

Another landing page that Michael Goode tweeted this morning.  Thanks Micahel. This is one I will be looking daily for shares to short.

Pure spam illegal pump.  Again Thanks to Michael for posting it on twitter last night.  I shorted 4.9k at avg of about .325 and covered for about $100 in gains.  I covered because I was scared of the amount of volume today.  If they keep sending out spam this could go higher.  I wouldnt mind them pumping it higher so I can get a long term short off.  Halt risk for being an illegal spam pump.  It also had moments of big bids supporting it.  Makes me think this might get pumped for longer.

This is the new Rocket Alerts pump.  2 million dollar disclosure.  Their last pump was $CTLE much easier pump to short.  It started off with a big market cap.  I think this is the lowest priced pump they have done.  They usually only do one pump a year.  I will be watching.  This had a very nice day not crazy volume though.  I hope they can keep pumping this up so I can short it over $1 :)

Got love the low volume run up past two days.  Then landing page hits then sells off lol.  Again thanks Michael Goode for posting the landing page on twitter.  Im going keep watching.  Hopefully they can get it up more so I can short higher.

RDI pump last week.  They moved on to $GACR and $SPCL continues to hold up weird.  If I choose to short I will only short small because its weird it hasn't dumped nicely yet.  Hopefully other crappy pumpers get paid to pump this then I'd probably be more aggressive if I can find borrows.

Crappy pumper pump. No borrows today :(.  Hopefully others join the party so I can short.

Another crappy pumper pump I got a whole 600 shares filled at avg of .3787 lol.  I will continue to look for borrows.  Hope other pumpers join the party.

I shorted this today. IB had fews shares this morning so I took them, I knew I was early about 11k at .63.  Luckily I was able to avg up later in the day with 11k at .70.  My avg about .665.  I am currently short 20k.  I will look to cover below .60


Another confirmed promotion landing page out there.  I will continue to watch.  Can a big pump finally do decent?

The WolfPack

Wise insight on this new pump group from the legend Kroyrunner read it here