Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watchlist for Monday October 22nd 2012

SANP SANP seems like the early shorts are getting squeezed like I said in previous watchlists past promos topped out around the 1 month mark. I see this having maybe 1-3 good days left in it before the inevitable collapse. I will be looking for shares to short daily. Probably will be #1 short for the week
PWEI PWEI has a nice bounce. Looks like my cover at .19 was smart after all on my small short position. I doubt shares will be available of this before the collapse but I will be on the lookout. No question that Victory Mark Corp has moved to the front of the line of top tier pumpers and the next one is worth a play on the long side.
TFER TFER was very interesting Friday. Volume indicates that this will most likely be the HACKTHESTOCKMARKET Pick Monday. We shall see. If not it will get crushed imo. Friday there were 3k shares to short I held back bc relative strength and the fact this could end up being the pick. Small account got to focus on the best plays.
BRND 750k budget SPAM pump by Stock Castle guys who did IDOI. Been very slow and steady. IDOI only lasted about 4 days. I wonder how much longer this lasts and if it will ever get over $1. This is one I am definitely looking to short for a long term short.

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