Friday, October 26, 2012

Watchlist for October 29th 2012

TFER I am short 1.9k shares at .66 . Maybe I should of boxed considering if emails hit this weekend Monday morning this will most likely gap up Monday. We shall see how it goes monday. It made a nice g/r move however recovered and continued inching up rest of the day to close the day up 18%.
PWEI It's been amazing comeback. Would love to short this thing. Will be looking all next week. Hopefully it doesn't collapse right off the bat Monday.
GRPH GRPH heavily front run it looks like if this ends up being the Paragon Report pick. This usually means very little upside for the promo but we shall see will be a good short candidate.
VGLD Chicago Financial Times Pump starting to make a move up. Hopefully they can get this up some more so we can short this PIG.
BRND looks like I covered way to early. Lesson for all if your short a SPAM Pump hold those shares and be patient they tend to collapse a lot faster then other pumps.
EMPO What a shitty promo. Sideways pump will this have a NGRC type death? Still short 4k shares at .97

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