Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watchlist for Thursday October 18th 2012

PWEI Looks like I was right to cover after all. Today we had that bounce that I thought was eminent. If it bounces a little more and if there is shares to borrow tomorrow I believe that will be a gimmie short. I believe in 1-2 weeks PWEI will be below .10 be sure to read report on it here and here
SANP Some traders were able to find shares to borrow of SANP today and they established a short position. Previous pumps done by these guys didn't die until 1 month mark. This may still have a little left in it. Hopefully early shorts get squeezed and then I'd take that opportunity to short it.
MAXE Like I mentioned yesterday this a mailer promotion see here I was unable to find shares to short and it seems the dump is starting down 15% today first red day. Listen to this when there is no borrows
NGRC Through twitter I hear that this continues to be advertised. Currently short 1.5k from $1.11 where I unboxed my short to go net short. This again went red and was starting to look ugly. However, market maker UBSS posted a 100k bid and was able to help this recover quickly. This seems to have been getting supported however every time they let it go it wants to dip more. Once they give it up this should be dead. Rest of week will be telling.
Honorable mention BRND SPAM PUMP trading basically sideways still early wonder if they can get this to breakout and run. Looking for shares to short OOIL- Repump another worth looking for shares to short. EMPO I remain short 4k shares at .97 EKNL rebounded nicely take a look at the chart. Could squeeze more.
ZERO Almost completely recovered from its death drop after Infitalis report see here Wonder if this can break out and squeeze some early shorts

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