Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Watchlist for Thursday October 25th 2012

TAGG pump. Nice to see them finally get a decent winner after recent debacles $VLNX $PRTN. They probably still kill everyone on the next one :) . Hope they can pump this higher because I am not trying to short a .20 stock. C'mon pumpers keep doing your job.
TFER People are now taking the buy at close sell gap up next morning trade. Which usually means that the gap ups will be less and less. Hoping it continues strong rest of the week. I will try and get shares but will box them because I still think this still has more upside. Been very impressive so far.
PWEI What an amazing bounce. This would be sick if they can get it to breakout this week or next week. APS like type promotion. People do link them together and the way they run pumps are similar. Will look for shares to short daily though and maybe box them if its still looking strong. This is free money because in a month it will be below .10
SANP Nice bounce not making it an easy play for short sellers. I am hoping it to get back over $1 this has been very interesting. Ideally get shares to short next week. Nearing that 1 month mark for SMA group which usually means death drop/game over
ZERO I had shares short at $1.40. I saw morning weekness and was thinking of covering because it was not collapsing and I knew it was showing weakness because shares were becoming available to short. The dip was short sellers taking the opportunity to short and hitting bid. I ended up getting out 1.40,1.41 because it was recovering quickly and it seems it was the right move. I do believe this eventually dump however it is holding up and I will most likely be bought in before that happens so I covered for small loss.
EMPO I am still short 4k shares at .97. This thing they are supporting and is getting more action. Seems to be a mailer or something out there. Still kicking myself for not covering in low .80's. Looks like this will test my patience. Still short and I think might be 1-2 weeks before the dump. I dont believe this has much upside though and reason why I am comfortable staying short for remainder of this.
BRND BRND 3 straight red days with less and less volume each day = Pump dying out. Short 2k shares at .79 . I will most likely cover in next couple days into more weakness. Hopefully we are in the dump phase.

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