Monday, October 22, 2012

WatchList for Tuesday October 23rd 2012

SANP Started its dump today and of course I am not along for the ride. :( Problem with short selling with small account. Im in another position and used up all my day trades so couldnt trade today. This should have another ugly day tomorrow. Perfect pump and dump but early shorts probably have gotten squeezed or bought in so very few are short on this ride down.
TFER This is probably the one I am most looking forward to shorting. Seems to be HacktheStockMarket pick I have not gotten the email yet. This could last weeks. I will be watching closely.
PWEI I wonder if they can NSRS/SNPK this one. I am still looking for shares daily of this one.
BRND SPAM pump still getting hit. Has not gone up much a little weakness today when there was shares to short but then came right back. I wonder how much is left in this but seems guys with shares are content selling at these levels.
Dump in Progress MAXE Congrats on those who shorted last week. Mutiple straight red days. Perfect Pump and Dump chart
POSITIONS EMPO I am still short 4k shares of EMPO at .97 . Kicking myself for not covering in mid/low .80's when I had the chance

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