Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday October 17, 2012

Promotions have started to pick up a little bit lately. I am 100% focused on learning how to short these pump and dumps. PWEI I made $50 shorting at .30 when IB had shares to short. Was in other positions so did not have capital to take a bigger position. In hindsight maybe I should of been more patient with this because its more than likely to get below .10 in the next week or so. I figured there would be a bounce coming soon because they usually don't dump this hard like PWEI has. Check out this report on PWEI here http://otcmicrocapresearch.com/2012/10/coverage-initiated-on-pacwest-equities-otcbb-pwei-strong-sell-price-target-0-06/
SANP SANP has had a nice bounce since its lows. I am currently looking for shares to short. It may be early. Looking back at RAYS and SEFE it seems these promotions top out after 1 month of pumping. Interesting to see if they can get this over $1 again. Probably better to short next week but who knows when they will be available.
NGRC NGRC I boxed my 1500 shares $1.00 I unboxed at $1.11. It started to look ugly but rebounded to close green on the day. Tomorrow will be telling. NGRC has been pretty impressive pump see landing page here http://ngrcreport.com
EMPO I am currently short 4k shares at .97 . I shorted because this was 250k campaign. Seemed like deal guys were content to be selling into any buying at these levels. Sideways pump.
TFER Seems like the move is based on speculation with HacktheStockMarket pick coming soon. I would be more interested in shorting this near .60 resistance.
MAXE This one is one I am definitely looking for shares to short. This is a pump 740k campaign see here http://www.siliconinvestor.com/readmsg.aspx?msgid=28469866 . Could be early but def one to watch

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