Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Watchlist for Wednesday October 24th 2012 + Active Positions

My top 3 potential shorts. $TFER, $SANP, and $EKNL TFER HacktheStockMarket pick. This pump will last weeks. The fact its a repump I doubt it can retest previous pump highs. However, it seems to be doing 1. gap up 2. morning rip 3. Big dip 4. gradual up move until close past two days. I should of probably taken some long overnight for the gap up but to scared. Would love to short this after a couple more days of strength.
$SANP I wonder if they can get this back to over $1.00 . I thought today would be total destruction but it bounced nicely instead. Others done by these guys entered big dump phase around the 1 month mark into the pump. SANP is nearing that mark. I would love to short this after 1 or 2 days more of bouncing. Closer the better to where it topped out on previous bounce just above a $1
$EKNL I do not have much experience with these pumpers but looking at chart it has been unreal. Red day today is this the beginning of the end? We shall see. No play for me right now.
EMPO Still short 4k shares at .97. Very annoying. Wish I had covered these shares at low .80's when I had the chance. Going remain patient. I lost on my SENY short because I was not patient and of course the next day I could of gotten out with decent profit.
BRND SPAM pump 750k budget. Stock Castle gang that did IDOI. Price action has basically been sideways. Volume starting to dry up plus another red day. Short 2k shares at .78 This will eventually tank. Only question is will I still have my shares or will I get a buy in.
ZERO I only got 500 shares filled at $1.40 . This is a scam as detailed in this report http://seekingalpha.com/article/887041-zero-s-current-scheme-is-nearly-identical-to-the-program-that-led-to-an-sec-halt-and-fraud-charges-in-2001 Could go either way but seems to be weakening. If support cracks there could be a nice panic.

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