Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SVEN= Awesomepennystocks.com New Pump and Dump Compared to Past.

SVEN has been pumped by premiumstockreports.com that is awesomepennystocks.com paid site. This is what day 1's usually look like
Here is picture of the email
PremiumStockReport.Com went out on it first. I am not signed up to them but when APS is touting a pick this week and SVEN hit $1,000,000 in trading volume it was pretty obvious at that point that it was the pick. At that point it was trading at .175 . Its done really well I am surprised however lets take a look at the Market Cap of previous APS picks

PRTN Shares Outstanding 443,000,686 Pump High .53 = 234,790,363 Market Cap

VLNX Shares Outstanding 443,000,686 Pump High .39 = 146,315,825 Market Cap

TAGG Shares Outstanding 330,940,630 Pump High .48 = 158,851,502 Market Cap

SVEN Shares Outstanding 507,850,000 Levels Right Now .29 = 147,276,500 Market Cap

Further back promotion when APS was hot picks reached over 500,000,000 market caps. However recently they have not been the same.


  1. What are your strategies for shorting this. Methinks if it breaks .4 level smoothly then it should be shorted before .5. Otherwise if it creeps across 0.4 then maybe a later short around 0.75 is likely.

  2. Really don't like shorting APS stocks early. I am glad it is tradeable at IB. APS is one to always be afraid of because any day they can SNPK/NSRS a stock and you'll get crushed shorting. It depends on the action I will be watching closely. More excited about the upcoming HacktheStockMarket play which should be a gimmie short imo.

  3. My thoughts exactly. Actually, I am currently long. Might just trade it the other way if I see signs of weakness at those levels. Great work on the blog.

    1. Yup because I am a little girl I stayed away from SVEN when it was at .175 today . Hindsight trade lol. I'll probably short SVEN in a month when promo is dying on a 2nd red day usually means game over for it. We'll see

      Thanks appreciate it good luck with $SVEN

  4. If this is a typical APS play then both this thursday (minor) and next tuesday/wednesday (major) should be ideal for shorting and then buying for the next leg up; well, unless of course they want to vlnx us! I will just try be as nimble as possible.

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