Sunday, November 18, 2012

Watchlist for November 19th 2012

GSTV GSTV seeing some crappy pumpers on it. It's 1-2-3 Stock Alerts new pick. StockRockandRoll, David Cohen, Stock Mister and some other crappy pumpers rehitting this over the weekend. If there is shares and it has a decent morning it will be worth shorting.
CTLE My number 1 potential short. Rocketalerts pick 675k compensation.
PWEID Going be near impossible to find shares to short but if I can I will. Top short candidate no question. This will collapse very soon.
GRPH This is a paid mailer play see here . Top short candidate will short if I can find shares.
Bounces MAXE If this bounces a little more I will be looking to short. There is probably another group of mailers hitting peoples mailboxes as volume has been picking up.
ZERO Mid range right now. Will be looking to short if this thing can get closer to prior resistance.
GRZG Hoping this can bounce back over $1 for a potential short
Others on my radar ASUV
TRLI Crappy pumpers were unable to bring in much volume. Insiders probably going pay more crappy pumpers so they can dump.

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