Monday, November 19, 2012

Watchlist for November 20th

GWYT Stock Psycho compensated pump that I shorted at .095 . Stock Psycho was compensated 125k however it seems a lot of people were drinking the Stock Psycho Kool Aid and completely forgot about $AXXU lol. Tomorrow it will most likely Gap Up then probably take a crap. Here is a picture of the 125k compensation
GRPH Got a pathetic partial fill of 537 shares at .82 . Will be looking to short more of this sideways pump. Will eventually tank.
GSTV Shorted 4k shares at .136 . Crappy pump that was pumped by many newsletters over weekend to no effect. Finished red on the day just pathetic. Sub .10 here we come tomorrow.
CTLE Got a pathetic partial fill of 40 shares short at 1.15. I will be looking to short more of CTLE for a longer term short because this has a lot of shares outstanding and its a RocketAlerts pump and dump.
FNRC I made $351 shorting 4k this morning at .26 then covering at .17. Sweet trade. It was a spam pump.
Others on watch $MAXE, $ZERO, $TRLI

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