Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Watchlist for November 21st 2012

GWYT Just like I mentioned here yesterday
https://twitter.com/StockRealist/status/270652898197766144 GWYT played out just like I thought gap and then crapped. I feel for those who bought this am. Got to learn dont be a PENNY STOCK MORON.
GRPH Looking to short this sideways pump. Will collapse eventually. See hard mailer here http://timlento.blogspot.com/2012/11/grph-hard-mailer.html
CTLE Currently short a pathetic 40 shares. Looking to short whenever there is shares available. Rocketalerts.com pump 675k budget. See picture below. CTLE also has a huge market cap already for a POS. Lot of shares outstanding usually = more shares the insiders have to sell into this pump. Check here http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/CTLE/company-info
ASUV Got 1600 shares short @.92 today. I will be looking to add. Here is the pump page http://hrenergyinfo.com/asuv/ 450k Budget. Sideways pump that will eventually crash as well.
GSTV Trade Shorted at .135 yesterday covered today at .105 for +118 . Crappy pumpers pump that they were selling into any kind of buying. Squeezed a little in the morning with newsletters hitting but insiders were dumping. It finished day red as those who bought in the am were down 30% in a blink of an eye. Be on the right side of the trade stop being a PENNY STOCK MORON!
NO BORROW NO CRY TRLI as I mentioned in previous watchlists had a lot of crappy pumpers go out over the past week. First couple were unable to bring in buyers and like I predicted deal guys paid other crappy pumpers to pump this turd. Today was finally the dump day its just a shame I was unable to find shares of this POS. Goodnight.
Disclosure. I am still short 2k $GWYT at .095 from couple days ago. Will likely cover into another move lower. .07 or below. Short GRPH 537 shares at .82 Short CTLE 40 shares at $1.15 Short ASUV 1600 shares @ .92 Looking to short more of each except GWYT

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  1. Due to my obviously superior trading skills, I managed to open a short position of 100 shares of CTLE on November 18.

    I am enjoying your blog, keep it up....