Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Watchlist for November 28th 2012

$CTLE Closed down 26.28% today. Closed at $1.01. Yesterday I sent out emails at 1:16 pm est while $CTLE was trading at $1.52 (it's high) see picture below
You can read the email here http://www.redcappi.com/c/8669 or here http://seekingalpha.com/instablog/5786461-pennystockrealist/1310821-ctle-is-a-pump-and-dump

CTLE definitely has more downside with 100,000,000 free trading shares out there. However, I covered my short position already. Finished up about $950


I'm sure everyone knows this is the new awesomepennystocks.com pick. Premiumstockreports.com went out on it the morning. Then the free lists followed. $SVEN had a great day as you can tell by the chart below

However one thing does scare me take a look at the market caps of the previous 3 picks at their tops

PRTN Shares Outstanding 443,000,686 Pump High .53 = 234,790,363 Market Cap

VLNX Shares Outstanding 443,000,686 Pump High .39 = 146,315,825 Market Cap

TAGG Shares Outstanding 330,940,630 Pump High .48 = 158,851,502 Market Cap

SVEN Shares Outstanding 507,850,000 Levels Right Now .29 = 159,972,750 Market Cap

Further back promotion when APS was hot picks reached over 500,000,000 market caps. However recently they have not been the same. We shall see if this ends up being like a Old APS promo or the new shitty APS. I will most likely not play this until its basically dead and then take it for a short and make 30% on a small position as it goes to the ground.


NILA was a promotion that saw a decent amount of emails hit during the weekend. It had a nice Monday closing near its pump highs. Then Monday Night David Cohen went out on it. NILA had a nice morning but came back to reality as insiders were constantly selling into any buying. Then when the buying ran out it started to fade. Today was the first red day I think we see more downside. Im short a pathetic 1k at .19 that I shorted Monday when there was shares. Looking to cover below .15

LTCH Looking to aggressively short this stock. Pump page here http://www2.smallcapfortunes.com/lifetech11/ Budget of 600k. I see a max of 10-15% upside. Smallcapfortunes has not been good for a while their picks usually go sideways then dump. There was a day when Smallcapfortunes picks actually went up but that was more than a year ago.
PWEID Victory Mark Corp that did really well. Looks like shares are freeing up and today it finally dumped
MAXE Really a missed opportunity today. IB had shares in the morning. However, I was so focused on $CTLE I missed out on this short. This was a old mailer play thats been bouncing. Last failed bounce attempt hit a high of 1.10(volume picked up looks like new mailers hitting) this time failed to reach that then broke down. I know Michael Goode got those shares this morning and thats why he is one of the best because he is always prepared.
ASUV Is another one I am looking for shares to short daily. ASUV really remind me of EMPO. Sideways pump that will have its day of reckoning. Could be any day imo.
Here is a chart of EMPO before the collapse
Here it is after the collapse. This is how I think $ASUV will play out

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