Thursday, November 29, 2012

Watchlist for November 30th 2012

CTLE Looks like they are spending some cash on ads now. Ads directing to here . They need more suckers. Might be the reason for the bounce now. I'm hoping it can bounce some more before reshorting. I know in 1-2 months this will be well below $1.00
LTCH Smallcapfortunes pump 600k budget. See here Blue Wave went out and it seems they are paying pumpers daily to pump this. I am looking non stop for shares to short of this. I doubt there is much upside from here and I would love to short. About 25,000,000 free trading shares in the hands of the seed shareholders. One of them must of paid for the promotion.
I covered my NILA short today at .096
ASUV Another pump I am looking to short for a longer term short. I believe this one will eventually dump
GRPH Big budget pump that insiders are selling into most buying. Hence why it continues to go sideways. I got better plays to focus on.
SVEN Boring right now hoping this has more upside and they do what they do best pump it up so I can try and short it. Right now up in the air especially with Hack's pick taking everyones attention away next week.
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Upcoming Promotions to Look Forward too.

TBX- Been touting a pick for this week. It will either be tomorrow or they will cancel which I will not be surprised.

TBX group sites

HacktheStockMarket (aka John Bell) Has a pick next week. I am getting the pick December 10th 2012 which looks like the last day of the pump lol. I am hearing the earliest day people got is December 4th 2012 so be on the lookout for that next week.

They Sent this teaser video

Stock Psycho pump tomorrow am. If uncompensated might be worth a shot at a long if you can get in really if not then wait off and try to short but they could hit this mutiple days if uncompensated like WNYN.

However if it is a compensated play I will be looking to short. Their compensated pumps tend to do horribly. Up out the gate then fade the rest of the day followed by red day typically.

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