Saturday, November 3, 2012

Watchlist for November 5th, 2012

TAGG pump that has done really well. This thing is like a roller coaster. Slow at start then rapid up move multiple consecutive green days then bam down 30%. Is this the end or a $PWEI type dip and recovery coming next week? We shall see hope they can get it to new highs so I can try and short this.
PWEI My number 1 potential short. Going be hard to find shares to short though :(
SANP Looking for shares for a long term short. This thing is dwindling down. I dont see ever being able to break $1.00 and hold it. Sideways probably from here until another big DUMP
TFER What a beautiful dump. To bad I covered .569 . Trading from an iphone is not ideal. So much more comfortable being short then long a pump and dump thats for sure.
GRPH Paragon Report pick that was heavily front run. Wonder if they were able to shake everyone out then rip it this coming week or this thing going be a complete failure and go sideways then tank. Def will be watching.
Recent Pump and BIG DUMP Beauty NGRC
Positions EMPO 4k short at .96. Buyers have dried up good for us short sellers.
WNYN short 2k shares at .0975 This is very interesting could go either way for me. Uncompensated pump by Stock Psycho but what is weird is that its had 2 big green days. This either sees a pump from someone over the weekend and goes higher Monday or gets nothing and tanks Monday. Will eventually come back to reality but if it goes against me fast I will cut for quick loss. However, I do see a dump near where I can get out in the Green

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