Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Watchlist for November 7th 2012

PWEID Number 1 potential short still however finding shares is going to be near to impossible but I am on the lookout.
SANP Volume drying up. This thing I believe will be quiet then will collapse. Looking for shares to short of this daily.
Latest Trades $WNYN Shorted at .0975 and ended up covering into a squeeze at .1849 http://profit.ly/1Mn9YL Today WNYN finally tanks. Would be in the green now. However, its better to take a small loss then to getting further squeezed and have a big loss.
$TAGG I shorted at .204 and covered today at .126 for $195.
AMBS on watch however I really dont want to try and short another one of these really low priced penny stocks.

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