Monday, December 17, 2012

$FARE new Pump and Dump

$FARE this morning was showing very unusual volume as you can see me tweeting about here
I didn't end up playing $FARE because I don't like buying pumps. Might short it down the line. However, buying pumps early can be very profitable. Check out this guy who profited because my tweets this morning. Everyone send him a Congratulations. That is awesome.

To read the actually emails go here . Things to watch out for is when banners hit their websites. This usually brings in some more buyers as they believe that APS will pump this for a while. How will this pump end up? Impossible to tell. APS has had good pumps then really bad ones like $VLNX and most recent $SVEN. Only real good play is to buy right at confirmation then sell 10-20 minutes to another sucker.

also everyone send Congratulations to Michael Goode who made $4.7k this morning on $FARE that is why he is a guro

he ended up making 4.7k after selling his last shares, after this tweet.


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