Monday, December 3, 2012

NGRC Confirmed HacktheStockMarket Pump and Dump

$NGRC is now the Confirmed HacktheStockMarket Pick.
link here Now looking back at TFER this pick makes sense because I remember when I started to get emails on TFER it looked like it was pump a month before then. TFER emails didnt start dropping until Feb 2012 look at chart
Now look at NGRC Chart and see resemblance of early stages
I will hope this can make it back to past pump highs as I try and short

TFER Shares Outstanding 52,327,197 Pump Highs 1.81 Market Cap at high $94,712,226

NGRC Shares Outstanding 75,669,881 Pump Highs 1.24 Market Cap at high $93,830,652

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