Monday, December 3, 2012

$PBCW is the new Victory Mark Corp Pump and Dump

Before the opening bell $PBCW was already showing unusual volume. Knowing that Victory Mark had a pick today you could of come to the conclusion that it was most likely going to be the pick.

Even if you weren't convinced you could of had PBCW up as the bell rang and as soon emails hit you could placed order immediately in the .07's

It is important to follow me on twitter here because of tweets like this

and this
then I even offered picture proof

$PBCW has already hit day highs of .175 which is very impressive.

Alot of people banked this am. I did not because PBCW was not tradeable at Interactive Brokers. I am actually more upset I wont be able to short this later :( . Oh well focusing on other trades and looking for borrows.

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