Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PFNI is SMA RePump and Dump

PFNI is SMA new pump and dump. Becareful on this because they are pumping this differently. They are mentioning it on twitter first they have never done that before. Their other pumps also started a lot higher in price. This could end being just a paper sale. This is also a repump. Smallcapfortunes pumped this before. PennyStockWizard tweet
I tweeted it out around .37
Again becareful this is a strange one. Only play I see here would of been to buy right as the tweet hit then sell 10-20 minutes later. Thats why you always got to be prepared and why I had checkforchange on pennystockwizards twitter page. Emails are hitting now but I still don't know how long they will pump it for that is the mystery.
PFNI was also a past pump by smallcapfortunes. So its repump. see here http://www2.smallcapfortunes.com/pfni/ PFNI Shares Outstanding 83,656,66 SMA paid 150,000 PSW paid 100,000 SMA email disclaimer below

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