Sunday, December 16, 2012

Watchlist for December 17 2012


Bullexchange pump that has done well since its decline from earlier in pump. Friday it dipped into the close. IB getting a lot of shares of LVVV to borrow could be one of the reasons for the dip into the close. If they can get new suckers into this Monday with a Weekend full of pumping they could possibly squeeze some shorts. However, I def would not buy here. Only play I am looking for is hopefully a little squeeze so I can try and short above .30


Ad pump that tanked early on and has made a nice comeback. I'll be looking for shares to short of this thing this week.


Spam pump that has ads being run on yahoo/bing. I would love to short more of USGT this week. This has 93,000,000 free trading shares in seed shareholders hands at basement prices. Nearing a breakout which is surprising. I still wouldnt want to long a breakout because the possibility of a George Sharp tweet that could tank this at any moment. The size of the market cap and the history with these pumpers I would like to short more this week. We shall see how it plays out meanwhile read my report here


Formally ATC. Stock Psycho pump that got halted and now heading back to OTC land. Seems that there was so many shares to short of this everyone and their mother went short and thats what created that short squeeze friday. I see this coming back down. I will not be looking to play but rather will be fun to watch how it reacts tomorrow as it will be its first day trading back in OTC land. My feeling is shorts will be happy tomorrow lol.


Seeing some decent amount of weekend pumpage. If it has a nice morning and gets near .10 I would love to short this crappy pump.

Pump and Dumps of last week.


I covered my short on PFNI for loss very quick because SMA is a big pump group and I got scared of what they can be capable of. Of course a day later it DUMPS



Another one I covered way to early. Covered at $1.05 from $1.35


  1. USGT could get unpleasant for us shorts if it breaks out.

  2. The only other pump from this spam group that I remember that dumped and came back to make new highs was MSTG and it basically double topped and dumped again. Def will be interesting this week. I covered half my position bc buy in warning. I would def like to reshort this week though. I am still working on trying to get my SeekingAlpha article published resubmitted it. There is always the wildcard as well which would be a George Sharp tweet that could hit this week.