Monday, December 17, 2012

Watchlist for December 18, 2012


New APS pick lets see how long they stick with this one. Funny to see how the game changed. Only money to be made is buy as soon as emails hit and sell 10-30 minutes later


Could not break out. Went red and closed weak. Of course I cover my short as soon as I got a buy in notice which sucks. Hoping this is not done yet I'd like to short!


Not a surprise that the day APS has a new play this decides to dump. Unfortunate that I was early and covered for a small loss then couldn't find shares later.


Uncompensated pump that did well. Would like to short into some morning strength tomorrow.


Called this dump and put out my report at $1.50 see it here . I made $900 a weeks ago . This was a gimmie short.


What a dump. SMA crew changed the research report on their landing page back to SANP see here from PFNI. No wonder it dumped some more today


Crappy pumpers been getting paid to pump this lately. I'd like to short


TooNiceStocks got paid 25k to pump this. If it has a nice morning may be worth a short.

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