Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Watchlist for December 27, 2012


Number 1 potential short. This thing is being spammed like crazy no surprise with 92,400,000 free trading shares in the insiders hands. They got a lot of paper to sell.

Emails all coming from @outlook with content like this

Read my published article on $USGT here

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Hoping this dumps while I am still short. Hopefully no buy ins. I don't see this lasting much longer. Interest is drying up

Read my report about LVVV here


Short 1k shares from $1.14 I would love to add to my short position. Read my post about it HERE

This article was published on Monday about ASUV stock promotion see here . ASUV seems like it could gradually fade from here. I will hold my position for long term hopefully cover below .70


Crappy pumpers pump. Might take a possible long term short position on this one if shares open up.


Crappy Pumpers pumping it tonight. Its has had a very low volume move from .07 to .13 and now a promotion. Looks like manipulated run up so they can start promo higher and insiders can sell shares at a higher price. If it has a decent morning and there are shares available I might short .15-.20 range. Compensation by Allan James group last promo I see they were paying promoters on was $GROV and it was a three day promo 1 green day followed by the dump.

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