Thursday, December 27, 2012

Watchlist for December 28, 2012


Spam continues to hit the inbox. Hopefully it can hold up a couple more days so I can short some more. Today IB got shares but got most of my funds tied up with LVVV and TAMO.

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I can smell the dump coming very soon. .20 has been holding up but if opens weak below .20 could get a morning panic and maybe finally the dump. TBX continues to send emails but everyone has lost interest in it or not even paying attention to it. TBX needs to face it they are c/d list pumpers now the perception has changed.

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Bunch of crappy pumpers were paid to go out on this one. It was easy to short. I think everyone and their mothers shorted this crappy pumpers pump. Hopefully it doesn't have a strong morning bc if it does could squeeze some shorts before the inevitable dump.


Bunch of crappy pumpers out on NWTR tonight. Wonder if this means the end soon? Still looking for shares to short for long term short.


I thought was game over but its evident that the promo is still going and it has made its way back over $1.00. Very surprising considering this article got published

Still believe there is not much upside and the dump is around the corner.


A 2.5 million dollar budget promo see landing page here . Been going on for sometime now. Most likely second wave of mailers hitting. PSON broke out to new pump highs. I'd really like to short this as a long term short as well.

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