Sunday, December 2, 2012

Watchlist for December 3, 2012

First got to thank Michael Goode( for the follow/shoutout on twitter.

Now lets get into the watch list

New Victory Mark Corp 9:30am tomorrow. First look in the am to see if PWEI banners get taken down. Interested to see if this is just another $SLIO paper sale or longer term pump. I will most likely be in and out quick. Then hope it does well so I can short later down the pump.

Victory Mark Corp Sites

HacktheStockMarket Pump Starting this week so be on lookout for that too

SVEN pump. BC Securities Commission issued cease trade order. On top of that Victory Mark Corp has a new pick in the morning wonder if SVEN gets a morning flush or what TMcNasty( on twitter refers to it as the SHART.


Ad pump that volume starting to pick up on Friday. Some emails hit over the weekend. Seems to be early stages of the promotion will be watching all week for sure.


Looked daily for shares last week with no luck. ALFS(always look for shares). Will be trying again this week.

Smallcapfortunes pump 600k budget. See here


Looks like they are spending some cash on ads now. Ads directing to here . They need more suckers. I'm hoping it can bounce some more before reshorting. Will be looking for shares tomorrow for a longer term short. Volume dropped Friday wonder what it will be like tomorrow after a weekend to pump. If weak bad sign for the pumpers.


Hard Mailer play see it here . Better plays out there that I am focusing on. However, if you do have left over capital this might be worth a longer term short.


Old pump and dump that I made 208 shorting back a month ago see here that has been coming back. I have not seen any emails out there on this one but I will continue to watch.

USGT My guess of the HacktheStockMarket play. Graphite company that has some pr activity in past week and volume pick up. Graphite fits HacktheStockMarket teasers because graphite is in electric cars. However, I do not recommend buying pre promotion because they are to dangerous. If USGT is not the pick I believe it will tank because there already are early speculators in this. WAIT FOR CONFIRMATION

Crappy pumpers seem to be hitting all low priced stocks (stock under .10) this weekend like $STLK $GMXS $NANI $FNRC which sucks because I don't short those. I love to short crappy pumps that are priced higher than .20

finally Thursday TBX will have a pick that will most likely be delayed or suck because Victory Mark Corp, Awesompennystocks, and HacktheStockMarket will be doing promotions.

disclosure: long small USGT position. Speculative play if I am right make 50%+ if I am wrong lose 30% DO NOT RECOMMEND because there is a high chance I am wrong

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