Monday, December 3, 2012

Watchlist for December 4, 2012

PBCW Was Victory Mark Corp new pick Before the opening bell $PBCW was already showing unusual volume. Knowing that Victory Mark had a pick today you could of come to the conclusion that it was most likely going to be the pick.

Even if you weren't convinced you could of had PBCW up as the bell rang and as soon emails hit you could placed order immediately in the .07's

It is important to follow me on twitter here because of tweets like this

and this
then I even offered picture proof
USGT Took a hit on this one for being an idiot pre promo speculator. Learned my lesson. Of course I sell near bottom as it recovered. NGRC is the official pick see here . USGT might see promo by someone else down line but I assume rest of speculators take this down tomorrow morning.
if its Hacks pick I would consider longing this to try and make 10-20%


Confirmed HacktheStockMarket pick. See post here


Ad pump that volume starting to pick up on. More emails hit I think its still early. Will look to short down the line.


Another day goes by and IB has no shares. Hopefully this can hang on so I can short it.

Smallcapfortunes pump 600k budget. See here


Hard Mailer play see it here . Picking up a little thought it was going breakout today but didn't. I would love to short this above $1.00.


Confirmed 800k hard mailer pump see here I will be looking to short down the line.

SVEN pump. Really no play right now. If its a longer term pump I will get opportunity to short this eventually.

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