Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Watchlist for December 5, 2012

So many pumps going on right now. I guess the promoters need a little extra Christmas Money. Promoters motto: Nothing buys happiness like stolen money. One day most promoters will be in hell :)


HacktheStockMarket pick. Probably gaps again tomorrow. Green days are numbered. Tank day could be Friday. I was suppose to get email from them Monday but they now giving it to me Friday. They usually send me emails on the dump phase. My blogpost on it here http://pennystockrealist.blogspot.com/2012/12/ngrc-confirmed-hackthestockmarket-new.html I am looking to short this very soon above $1.00


This is a repump. Smallcapfortunes pump this a while back see pump page here http://pennystockrealist.blogspot.com/2012/12/pfni-is-sma-new-pump-and-dump.html

I had a bad feeling about this one so I stayed away I will watch to see how it plays out. Looking to short down the line

For laughs this was by far the best penny stock humor tweet of the day


My blogpost on this here http://pennystockrealist.blogspot.com/2012/12/usgt-no-hack-no-problem-pump-and-dump.html

Be sure to follow https://twitter.com/Goniffs He is guy who previously filed lawsuit against the group of spam pumpers behind $MSTG $IDOI $BRND now $USGT

Keep in mind this USGT Shares Outstanding 169,400,000 already has double the market cap of $BRND(groups last pump) at its pump highs. Hurts that I took near $400 lose being a early speculator thinking this was Hack then it still sees a pump. I guess I need PFNI Ms Cleo to help me see the future. Looking to make that back by shorting this in next couple days. I will be looking for shares.


Been literally watching my screen for past week for this to turn shortable. No luck so far. I will not give up. Hopefully IB finds shares to borrow before this tanks which could be anyday now. http://www2.smallcapfortunes.com/lifetech11/


Victory Mark Corp pump day 2. This probably goes sideways for a little bit before making its next move. Never seen so many on going pumps by the big boys. This lost a little flavor with APS and SMA having pumps going on along with other big budget hard mailers like IMNG


Confirmed 800k hard mailer pump see here http://timlento.blogspot.com/2012/12/imng-800k-hard-mailer.html I will be looking to short down the line. Had another nice day today.

Shares Outstanding 104,800,987 Decent sized Market Cap already. Will be looking to short later this week or next if there is shares.


Awesomepennystocks.com pump. Really no play right now. If its a longer term pump I will get opportunity to short this eventually. Probably sideways for a while here before next move.


Boring but still worth a long term short.


Ad/newsletter pump. Volume dried up today still think its early. I will continue to watch for a short down the line.


boring sideways pump

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