Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Watchlist for December 6 2012

Tomorrow we got two new pumps to add to this PUMP FEST of a week TBX pump- People were speculating today that it will be $LVVV. It could be so keep an eye on it. Don't trade until confirmation.
Stock Psycho pump 9:30 am here is the pump page keep refreshing


HacktheStockMarket pick. I was suppose to get an email December 10th but I got one today after the close seems like desperation to me. I actually hope it has a couple green days left so I can try and short. However, I doubt it.


This is a repump. Smallcapfortunes pump this a while back see pump page here

Hoping they can get this up more so I can short it down the line. Right now not looking like it. Complete paper sale right now.


My blogpost on this here

Be sure to follow He is guy who previously filed lawsuit against the group of spam pumpers behind $MSTG $IDOI $BRND now $USGT

Hoping for another green day tomorrow so I can try and short this above .60

Keep in mind this USGT Shares Outstanding 169,400,000 already has double the market cap of $BRND(groups last pump) at its pump highs. Hurts that I took near $400 lose being a early speculator thinking this was Hack then it still sees a pump. I guess I need PFNI Ms Cleo to help me see the future. Looking to make that back by shorting this in next couple days. I will be looking for shares.


Been literally watching my screen for past week for this to turn shortable. Today I finally got shares short. Not best avg but I'll take it. Short about 5k shares at 1.02 See pump page here


Another decent day like to short this above $1.00 if it can get there Confirmed 800k hard mailer pump see here I will be looking to short down the line. Had another nice day today.

Shares Outstanding 104,800,987 Decent sized Market Cap already. Will be looking to short later this week or next if there is shares.


Ad/newsletter pump. Some more volume today but sideways. I will continue to watch for a short down the line.


Boring but still worth a long term short.

SVEN pump. Really no play right now. If its a longer term pump I will get opportunity to short this eventually. Likely months worth of pumping.


Wonder where it goes from here so many pumps going on. Can't even trade it at IB so not even paying attention because I dont got stomach to long a pump unless its day 1

Crappy pumpers on WTCG and GBEN tonight.

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