Thursday, December 6, 2012

Watchlist for December 7 2012


See my report here

Covered 1k shares on the morning dip @ .95. Looked like the beginning of the end. However, someone through NITE was supporting this today. I'll give it 1 week before it starts to roll over. Max 2 weeks. I might even look to add if this gets back up.


I got a very small partial fill of 232 shares short. Will be looking to add to this position for sure.


Pump page here . Nice breakout. I am looking for shares to short.

Important part of disclaimer below


This is exactly why you dont buy a Stock Psycho compensated pump. I was looking to short but no shares. NEXT!!!


TBX has now like the next bestdamnpennystocks. EPIC fail to start off the promo. Worse kept secret like most of their pumps. Hope non of you lost on this.


Sad to see this tanking without me short. No borrow no cry. NEXT!

Others still watching but no play right now






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