Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watchlist for January 10, 2013


Got 1250 shares more short at .91 pre market via ARCA Edge. Now short 4,750 avg .9068 . Nice to see a red day. If their is a panic in the am this will be the start of the end. We shall see. Either way this has been a very successful pump for the insiders who paid for it.


New Victory Mark Corp pick. It showed unusual volume pre market and it was easy to predict this was going to be the pick. However, I didn't get any fills. Yea most of my money is in my Interactive Brokers account they arent the best at getting quick fills on these big promotions out the gate. However, Speedtrader is a lot better at that and what the good traders use to get fills on these plays. Congrats to whoever profited. I will be looking to short but I will give it some time to see how it plays out.


Still cant find any shares. Hopefully it does not tank without me lol. Compensation source for it is Odd Marketing LLC. Stockfreak which has been heavily advertised recently is owned by Odd Marketing LLC. I wonder if they go out to that list soon and dump remaining shares on those new suckers.....


Game over?


I am short from $2.00 . Hopefully more downside tomorrow.


Interactive Brokers started off today having 300,000 shares to borrow. It ended the day with only 100,000 shares. It was the reason for the weakness today. Wouldn't be surprised to see this come back and squeeze shorts. Hopefully that is when I will come in and try and short. I have held back on this one because it seems like a long term pump.


Crappy pumpers pumped this a couple times now. I would like to short this as a long term short it will eventually dump.


Uncompensated pump by a bunch of crappy pumpers. It has done surprisingly well. I was trying to short today. To bad I couldnt find any as it went red on the day. This could be the end for it. However, the crappy pumpers who pumped this might get a boost from this. Their next plays might see more volume and might finally be worth a short we shall see.


This looks like its going to be Paragon Report next pick. To bad everyone and their mother is already long lol. This promotion most likely is going to suck. We shall see but if it is their pick I will be looking to short week into promotion.

Another Pump I covered to Early, Whats New?


This thing got completely SMACKED! I was short 5k from avg .208 . Covered mostly in .15-.17 range.

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