Monday, January 7, 2013

Watchlist for January 8, 2013


Spam pump. Huge boost in Volume today. I got 3.5k shares today that I plan on holding as a long term short hopefully can hold these shares without getting bought in. 93 million free trading shares in insiders hands not surprised this a longer pump then BRND was. Still surprised it has done this well. I guess non stop spam is working and the insiders definitely happy about that. However, whoever invests in this won't be lol.

If you have not read my published article on $USGT go here


This looks like it might last longer than we all thought. Retraced today but they seem to have supported it and got it to turn green. I'm still holding off shorting this. I will be eyeing a short later in the week if it keeps going


Really don't care for APS unless its day 1. Other then that I just look for a shorting opportunity on their longer pumps when they are up huge. If this gets near $TAGG's highs I will be looking to short.

Chart of $TAGG


Looks like its started to dump today. I was short 3.5k shares at about 1.03. I covered all but 500 shares. I will those shares until they get bought in. Locked in $421 realized profits.


Pump by I was looking to try and short but seems its already starting to dump. ...... No borrow no cry


Pennystockegghead pump I was looking to short today. If shares open up tomorrow I'd consider it if its not down much by then.........


Reminds me of $TRLI . Starting off unsuccessful with crappy pumpers. Won't be surprised to see more crappy pumpers. Insiders will get impatient and will dump into that like crazy like they did on $TRLI


Come back off pump lows. Volume has been upticking last four trading days. Hope this can make its way to .80+ for a short. If there is shares that open up, I'll take them.


People have this on pre promotion watch because of connections. Some volume today worth keeping an eye on.

pr today about stock split and name change


It seems like mailers coming and people anticipating it or they are actually hitting. I am not buying because I suck at buying pre promotions and promotions. I lost money buying $USGT pre promo in 40's and panicked out and lost money now its at .90 lol.

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