Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Watchlist for January 9, 2013


Another big volume day. Went g/r on the day and I thought it was going to be the end but it came back and finished the day green. I think the days are numbered. Still amazed it has done this well for a spam pump. However, they have sent a ton of spam. All this needs is a George Sharp lawsuit tweet and it will be game over. Looking for more shares to short.


Red day. Wonder if this can continue to go. I still will wait off on a short.


Crappy pumper pump. I was surprised at the volume that they brought in today. I shorted 5k at .20 . Hoping to cover below .16


Still looking for shares to short of this. Hopefully there will be shares that opens up before it dumps.


Crappy pumpers pumped this a couple times now. I would like to short this as a long term short it will eventually dump.


Uncompensated pump by a bunch of crappy pumpers. It has done surprisingly well. I was trying to short today. If I find shares before it is down big I will try and short.


Pump. I shorted 1k at $2.00.

Dumps of the Day


Closed down 42% to bad there were no shares to short until it was already down big. Funny considering Victory Mark Corp has a pick soon. Perfect timing?


Man I should of been more patient on my short. NWTR closed at .55. I was short from $1.02 and covered mostly in the high .80's . Left 1k+ on the table :( .

Unusual Volume. Pre Promos?


Been on traders pre promotion watch showing unusual volume past two days. One big block trade today.


Unusual late action today. Looked like front running. We shall see what tomorrow brings. Victory Mark?


Another day of unusual volume.

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