Thursday, February 28, 2013

$ENVS Thoughts

Here is a Chart of $CNCT day one of the promotion

Now here is a mutiple day chart

Keep in mind most of the uncompensated picks do not run for mutiple days like this. It all depends on how long they pump for and no one can predict that. If you are trying to long there is one good play, its buying right on confirmation 9:30am tough part is gettting filled. If you dont get filled as the first couple trades forget it and do not chase. Got to be fast to flip it because they tend to hit a high price within 10 minutes of the open. You can also try to buy near close for potential gap up on more overnight pumping. That one is a little more risky. After that I can only consider a short. Yes, sometimes you got to be early. I shorted $CNCT early at .10 at IB when they had shares small position. I had to tolerate some pain. However, I was patient and shorted much more on its way down. I am still short 5k shares from .16. Now remember it was a no brainer that people were going to rush to buy this pick considering how well $CNCT did. Look at the volume today crazy.... I was surprised to see this not be a compensated promotion though. My guess is some morning strength tomorrow then game over. I do not see them being able to repeat $CNCT. People will be more cautious after reading my $CNCT report I also believe their next promotion will be a compensated promotion where the Stocky Psycho gets 300-500k and it will do poorly because someone will be unloading a shit ton of shares into the promotion.

Here is todays chart of $ENVS

Those are my thoughts I could be wrong but I still do not want to long any Stock Psycho promotion and holding for multiple days thats a good way to get slaughtered.

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