Sunday, February 3, 2013

Watchlist for February 4, 2013


Hopefully a gap up tomorrow after a weekend of mailers hitting. I hope it can bounce to $2.00-$2.50 area where I would def be looking to aggressively short it again. I played it so poorly the first time disappointed. Missed opportunity . I was also recently threaten by $ECAU laywers to take down for infringing on their trademark so I moved the site to .Check out this video I made on $ECAU exposing it for the pump and dump it is.


Pump continues. Very surprised its around $1.40 still. I will be looking to take a longer term short position in this. See my research report on it here


" newsletter. has been compensated Ten-Thousand Dollars Cash by a third party (EAG LLC) for a 2 Day Marketing Program regarding BCYP"

I will be looking to short if it has good volume and is up a decent amount on this pump tomorrow.


" Tribeca Investments., Ltd. has been compensated up to $65,000 for the release of this email on HKTU by a third party - Winning Media. " I will be looking to short if there are shares in the morning. Hopefully gaps or trades up a lot on the day to start out.

Winning Media is a decent third party as you can see they upticked this on low volume to start the pump higher.


Hard mailers are starting to hit on SWVI. Even Nate from got one (see below). I hope $SWVI can go higher so we have an opportunity to short this.


This is the new national inflation association (run by Jonathan Lebed). Congrats whoever went long on their initial alert. No play now unless they can pump this much higher.

BullExchange Pump this Tuesday. Wouldn't be surprised to see their pick have unusual volume towards the close tomorrow.

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