Sunday, February 10, 2013

Watchlist for February 11, 2013


ECAU hopefully still has a small bounce left we can short into before it dumps some more. I will still be looking for shares. I will take them when they open up for sure.


What a shame this is starting to dump and I am not short! See why its dumping here


22 days in This is the newest Brighton Markets Pump and Dump. This has 25,000,000 shares outstanding and 5,000,000 preferred shares. 20,000,000 free trading shares out there just like their last pick $PUNL

$PUNL (their most recent pump)

This dumped on the 31st active trading day. Monday will be the 23rd active trading day for $GNIN


This one put them on the map


Big market cap for a crappy pumpers pump. "DamnGoodPennyPicks will never accept compensation in shares, restricted or free trading. Any and all compensation received in cash will always be disclosed. We have been compensated twenty-five thousand for this report by an unaffiliated third party." on USTU" Looking at some other crappy sites that were compensated I see that the compensation source is Alan James Group which is a decent 3rd party. Last play I remember from them was TAMO lower priced one. I'll be looking for shares.


Impressive Penny Stocks Pumped it Friday and now " was previously compensated One Hundred-Thousand Dollars Cash by a third party (Green Meadow Enterprises, Inc) for a 2 Day Marketing Program regarding PWEI which has expired. has been compensated One Hundred-Thousand Dollars Cash by a third party (Perfect Genius Investments Limited) for a 2 Day Marketing Program regarding PWEI."

I would be looking to short but the fact that Victory Mark could repump this scares me enough to stay away.


Tribeca Investments was compensated 60k for this. Will be looking to short if it gaps up and has decent move in the morning. We shall see

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