Monday, February 11, 2013

Watchlist for February 12, 2013


ECAU tanked even more today adding to my disappointment. I really wanted another shot to short this aggressively. However, it has fallen apart. Probably trades sideways. Maybe possible short when it looks like its about to crack $1.00. For those who do not know why its tanking read up here

Watch my video below as well.


Looks like more red. Game Over? More mailers are hitting on $ASUV. Twitter search is a valuable tool and what I have used to confirm that mailers are still dropping see Ian Cassell(stock promoter) recent tweet below. You should also read my report on $ASUV here


Missed the first 30 mins of trading today which sucked because I missed a chance to short this. It looks like Victory Mark wont be repumping this. However, we had some other crappy pumpers on it and some more tonight. Just looks like they need to sell more shares. I shorted 3k later in the day because thats all IB had left.


Tribeca again showing they are great at losing people money lol. Just ashame there were no borrows :(


This has a large market cap. Some crappy pumpers hit this last night. However, it held up and it continues to point higher. Gladly promotionstocksecrets has made their report public great read see here We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

With that in mind this could last a little bit longer. I would still love to short this knowing how many free trading shares are out there. I dont think this will do as well as AMLM (at that time promotions were doing really well, market has changed.


No surprise it had a good day today. Today was the first day people knew that GNIN was the confirmed Brighton Markets new pump and dump. May still have sometime left. However, the big volume today was telling. $PUNL only had 3 days that it traded volume like that 1 being the dump day. I would like to start up a short position on this really soon.


Crappy pumpers galore on this.

"Stock Appeal LLC has been compensated up to $100,000 USD for increased pubic awareness of MAXE by a IV LLC, third party" 100k then dished out

45k = "123StockAlerts is owned and operated by Global Marketing Media LLC. Global Marketing Media LLC has been compensated forty five thousand dollars for a two day marketing and promotional effort on MAXE by Stock Appeal, LLC"

55k= " has been compensated by a third party - Stock Appeal LLC - fifty five thousand dollars for this email alert"

TooNice gets 132k " has been compensated one hundred thirty two thousand five hundred dollars to provide one week of commercial advertising and business media marketing from our strategic corporate communication services by a third party Coronado Development Group. We own no shares."

Hopefully it has a decent morning to short into

Other picks to look out for

Stock Psycho new pick Tuesday Morning- Sub Penny tho :(

Victory Mark New Pick Next Week

StockFreak(recently spending nice $ on ads) pick last week of the month.

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