Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Watchlist for February 13, 2013


ECAU finally a little bounce. The borrow rate is like 53% which sucks if your considering long term short on this. Hopefully this bounce continues for another opportunity to short. For those who do not know why its tanked read up here

Watch my video below as well.


Holding up. I had couple people email me saying that they got a mailer on ASUV recently. This is clearly still hitting peoples mailboxes. This has been one long pump. You should read my report on $ASUV here


Only short 1.5k covered half of my position at breakeven. Hopefully cover rest a little lower tomorrow. If it continues to hold up or up trend rest of the week it could be a sign that Victory Mark might be repumping this. Not good risk reward shorting with that in mind.


Tribeca pumped this FEB 11th look at that dump afterwards. So sad that there wasn't shares to short :( (


This has a large market cap. Read promotionstocksecrets report on it here http://promotionstocksecrets.com/us-tungsten-corp-ustu-updated-research-report/ We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

I will continue to watch. May be interested in starting a small short position.


Very impressive. Shorting this going to be scary. Curious to see how it trades tomorrow. I have yet to get a call from Brighton Market who called me on $PUNL


Another impressive promotion. There is a hard mailer out there on this as well. Hope it still has some juice left. Shorting an APS play into strength like this is scary knowing what they did on $SNPK. Yes they have not had success like that for a long time but its possible. If I do short it will be a small long term position that I could I can tolerate pain on.


Crappy pumpers on it. If it has a decent gap up and morning up to .06-08 maybe worth a short. Depends on how it trades. "StockLockandLoad.com has been compensated Fifteen-thousand dollars for one-day coverage of ADCF by Microcap Innovations, LLC."


I shorted this morning about 10k shares. I shorted because there was a lot of crappy pumpers pumping it and this was a pump thats already been dead for sometime. This usually means that someone is just looking to unload a bunch more free trading shares which ended up being the case. It opened up decent up 10% then proceeded to dump. Here were the promoters on it. ( see below)

"Stock Appeal LLC has been compensated up to $100,000 USD for increased pubic awareness of MAXE by a IV LLC, third party" 100k then dished out

45k = "123StockAlerts is owned and operated by Global Marketing Media LLC. Global Marketing Media LLC has been compensated forty five thousand dollars for a two day marketing and promotional effort on MAXE by Stock Appeal, LLC"

55k= "PennyStocksVIP.com has been compensated by a third party - Stock Appeal LLC - fifty five thousand dollars for this email alert"

TooNice gets 132k "TooNiceStocks.com has been compensated one hundred thirty two thousand five hundred dollars to provide one week of commercial advertising and business media marketing from our strategic corporate communication services by a third party Coronado Development Group. We own no shares."

I will verify trade tomorrow on profit.ly.

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