Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Watchlist for February 14, 2013


Very impressive. Shorting this is going to be scary. Curious to see how it trades tomorrow. I have yet to get a call from Brighton Market who called me on $PUNL. Kroyrunner made a good point in chat today, they have yet to hit their 3 big sites with $GNIN yet. They may be setting this up like $SEFE. $SEFE had a nice run up before the actual pump by the big sites. I will keep watching knowing what $IDNG did this would be scary shorting this early. I would love a move to $2.50+. If shares open up and If I get them I will definitely box them.


Held up today. I will continue watching. Can APS gives a reminder of what they use to do? $SNPK had couple big drops before ripping through $1. 50% down move with a ridiculous bounce to make new highs. I doubt they can pull that off again. We shall see. It's APS so I am scared to short so soon. If i got shares I'd probably box them.


This has a large market cap. Read promotionstocksecrets report on it here We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

I will continue to watch. May be interested in starting a small short position. It was red most of the day but came back a little into the close. This probably keeps going some more.


Pump page here. This seems to well done to be just a crappy pumpers pump. 250,819,800 shares outstanding tells me that this probably ends up having a hard mailer or something. Theres a bunch of free trading shares in insiders hands most likely that need to be dumped. Will keep watching.


Another example of me covering way to soon. Check out my trade on $MAXE. here Left 1k+ on the table..... :( Got to love crappy pumpers pumps lol.


Shares were available pre market. I missed it. Then it proceeded to drop 10% on the day. Missed opportunity... Confused to why it tanked go here

Watch my video below as well.


Hopefully another bounce to $1.30+ with mailers still hitting. I would be interested in shorting then. Read my report here here


Boring covered my short for about -$30. Most likely it does not get repumped by Victory Mark Corp.


" has been compensated Fifteen-thousand dollars for one-day coverage of ADCF by Microcap Innovations, LLC." Another crappy pumper pump that is an instant fail. There were shares to short of this too, I missed it.


" has been compensated up to 30,000 USD by a third party for this particular newsletter regarding the mentioning and advertising of HKTU." Other crappy pumpers on this too. Hopefully it has a decent morning. May be worth a short depending on how it trades. $HKTU is down a bunch since the initial pump though.


This is the TBX pump that has surprisingly done well since the terrible start to the promotion. May be worth a short soon. I will keep watching.


This had news about medical weed. $XCHC is a POS that has been promoted numerous times even had a compensated promotion yesterday. I was very comfortable shorting. Unfortunate I didnt see this sooner or I would of had a better avg then .154 on my short. Made +205 on it.

Other Pumps to look out for

Impressive Penny Stocks has a pick tomorrow morning.

Victory Mark Corp has a pick sometime next week.

StockFreak has a pick next week.

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