Monday, February 18, 2013

Watchlist for February 19, 2013


Very impressive. The main sites sent out emails this weekend. This probably has a good Tuesday. It probably runs for a couple more days. I will definitely be looking to add to my short position. On plays like this you have to be early because there wont be shares to short at the top. Their sites listed below


They seem to be supporting this for a reason. Hopefully it can rip higher this week. Impressed would be more interested in shorting if we didnt have a perfect play like GNIN right now.


This has a large market cap. Read promotionstocksecrets report on it here We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

I will continue to watch. May be interested in starting a small short position. The more free trading shares out there tends to = longer term promotion......


Pump page here. Still dont know what to make of it. I think this ends up having a hard mailer. Will keep watching.


Crappy pumper on board lol. Someone got more shares he needs to dump....


StockLockandLoad crew on this. Compensated pump. Going be worth a short if it has decent morning action.


Still hot on weed hype. This will likely have decent morning then crap out... XCHC has seen many compensated pumps before in past..


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