Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Watchlist for February 21, 2013


A negative Seekingalpha article hit today. .90 held up as they protected it. I wouldn't be surprised to see this keep going. Probably will not be any borrows on this.


Looks like I was right the down move is far from over. Read my article here . I shorted some later in the day at .87 for longer term short. I think this still has more downside and will follow $PUNL and $IDNG.


This has a large market cap. Read promotionstocksecrets report on it here We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

Still in inch mode. Volume has been decent. I will continue to watch. I think this still has more in it.


Still eyeing for a potential long term short position. Have had no luck finding borrows......


Illegal Spam pump going on. ALFS. I will continue to look to short this POS.


Latest stock to be promoted by numerous crappy pumpers. I shorted some this morning. I think this has a bigger sell of still left in it. Someone got shares he is looking to unload......


Crappy pumper claiming this is his biggest pick for 2013. XCHC nearing breakout hope it has good morning. If it does will be worth a short. Check out the compensation


Knowing EAG is behind this, I really doubt this gets much higher then $1. 1.2 million dollar budget is most likely a lie. Who in their right mind would pay EAG that much money to pump a stock lol. Not a huge market cap but keep in mind EAG is behind this so dont expect anything crazy on the upside.


Pump landing page here Big Market Cap already. Keep that in mind.

Watchout for Victory Mark Corp new pick and Stock Freak's new stock pick should be this week as well. Stock Psycho also has a new pick in the morning.

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