Thursday, February 21, 2013

Watchlist for February 22, 2013 and Recent Huge Dumps.


A negative Seekingalpha article did the job. Down 50% today. Congrats to those that got shares to short this morning at Centerpoint. IB had no shares as I watched the action. NEXT! Shame on you Tim for wasting those shares :) lol

APS gang trying to finish the shorts...... Fail


Man just like $IDNG and $PUNL when they are done with it they just let it die. They don't support their plays when they pull the plug and why I felt comfortable shorting at .87 yesterday. Covered all today for 2.6k profit. Read my article here . Next one should be fun.

This dog was having a nightmare he was long $GNIN from $3


This has a large market cap. Read promotionstocksecrets report on it here We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

Still in inch mode. I am looking daily for borrows.


Still eyeing for a potential long term short position. Have had no luck finding borrows......


Illegal Spam pump that I was really trying to short. Damn shame I never found shares :( . NEXT!


Latest stock to be promoted by numerous crappy pumpers. I was short going into today. I lost my patience and covered around .40 .41 for $137 profit. I should listen to myself and held short this looks like it heads lower tomorrow and I will miss out. Crappy pumpers party = great shorts......


Crappy pumper claiming this is his biggest pick for 2013. XCHC did decent was hanging around. When it started to breakout I believe Mark Crook bought the breakout see tweets below.

Knowing the crappy pumpers behind this, I was disappointed that Mark Croock would alert a stock like that to his members. Yes it was nearing breakout but its a compensated pump. Happiest guys with Mark Croock alerts was deal guys who have free trading shares of XCHC not Mark Croock's members. I would be surprised to see this go any higher then todays highs. Hopefully his members took quick profits.......


"Knowing EAG is behind this, I really doubt this gets much higher then $1. 1.2 million dollar budget is most likely a lie. Who in their right mind would pay EAG that much money to pump a stock lol. Not a huge market cap but keep in mind EAG is behind this so dont expect anything crazy on the upside."

My comments from yesterday dead on. I guess EAG lied about compensation. They like to sell paper quick lol. Next higher priced pump by them I will be looking to short aggressively.

$WILD long trader below.... lol


Pump landing page here Big Market Cap. I was looking to short but have not found borrows. This probably ends up as a terrible promotions.

Other Pumps to Watchout for.

Victory Mark Corp. We already had dumb gamblers trying to guess the pick reason for $JALA, $USRC, $QPON action

StockFreak pick next week

Recent Epic Dumps

See how predictable these POS pump and dumps are???










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