Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watchlist for February 25, 2013


Take a look at this funny video of $SWVI

Looks like they are not giving up on this. Will be interesting to see if they can continue to rip this and maybe have it breakout later in the week. That would impress me and would definitely be a potential short.

APS gang second try to squeeze the shorts going be another Fail?


After $PMCM its no suprise that the Stock Psycho is back to uncompensated pumps. $OPIX was okay not that big of a success. However, CNCT has been big. No coincidence that its squeezing considering that its been Easy to Borrow at various brokers. ETB recently spells trouble for early shorts. This is an over traded short trade. The new short trader goes in heavy on the short side thinking this is a gimmie and bam squeezed. Note to self be weary of shorting a Stock Psycho uncompensated pump that is ETB. Stock Pyscho is not an idiot he knows when that is the case and why he has sent emails on CNCT for 4 days now. It's to squeeze it and get a big winner. This will result in their next play most likely be a compensated promotion. Big Payday expected for them


Finally a bounce hopefully has more in it so it gives us a good short opportunity. Read my article here . Next one should be fun.


This has a large market cap. Read promotionstocksecrets report on it here We learn that there is 63,450,000 free trading shares out there we also learn that CEO Matthew Markin has connection to former pump and dump $AMLM.

Still in inch mode. It's doing well and I am stay away from shorting this yet. Hopefully can get over $1.


Illegal Spam pump that i'd still consider a short on. I'll try and find shares.


Confirmed pump page here 750k budget. Smart prepromo traders are already in this and if your not early your late. I will continue to watch. I signed up to prepromotionstocks and have refunded my speedtrader account and will be learning his strategy and sharing my experience on my blog.

Pumps to watchout for this week

Victory Mark Corp could be any day.

StockFreak should be this week. has a pick this week.

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