Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Watchlist for February 28, 2013


Here is a poor kid that bought $SWVI

Take a look at this other funny video of $SWVI

Game over? Yea most likely with Victory Mark Corp new pick tomorrow, SWVI should drop some more as traders hop on over to that pick. I guess we won't see the Old APS type moves from them again....... To bad I shorted during pre market and covered into morning squeeze. I cut my losses quick but sure wish I could have those shares back :(

APS gang second try to squeeze the shorts was another Fail


I shorted more this morning. IB had plenty of shares. Later on in the day Penny Stock Psycho sent out text and email saying new pick tomorrow. Makes me even feel better about my short. Most likely drops tomorrow as they release a new pick. Hopefully cover below .10 in a week. This new pick is most likely a compensated promotion or them releasing the VM pick. Read my CNCT article here


Looks like Sykes covered in the morning and shorts got squeezed because the news. I took this as an opportunity to short myself later in the day as IB had plenty of shares. Goal is to cover below .60. Read my article on $GNIN here . Next one should be fun.


This is one that everyone and their mother was speculating today would be Victory Mark Corp's pick. I even longed some overnight going into today. I ended up selling during pre-market because it looked like just a bunch of retail speculation. There was no big prints. I figured if no emails drop at open this would tank. I sold my shares at .13-.14 for lunch money profits which is far better then most did on this.See my sells here


Only one I found interesting in my droppers scan. A lot of the VM promotions tend to have a death drop day before with unusual action last 10 minutes of trading. $GBLL is only one I found interesting in my scan (see below). This is only to watch! Don't go buying without confirmation! The emails said their pick never traded before but then again they are promoters and lie all the time.


Crappy Pumper pump watch morning action maybe worth a short. TLAN been promoted before so they probably got extra shares to dump. This could have the old gap and crap. Victory Mark Corp and Stock Pscyho Pick in the morning be ready!

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