Monday, February 4, 2013

Watchlist for February 5, 2013


We got the gap up I was looking for. The bounce continues. I hope it still has 1-3 days left of bouncing. I'll be looking to short later in the week. If i get shares below $2 I will box the short. Read my ECAU report at http:/

Also check out my video on $ECAU below


Pump continues. Very surprised its still inching upwards. I will be looking to take a longer term short position in this. See my research report on it here


Couple crappy pumpers on this was looking for shares all day couldn't find any. Tomorrow I will look again hopefully it doesn't tank without me."


" Tribeca Investments., Ltd. has been compensated up to $65,000 for the release of this email on HKTU by a third party - Winning Media." Gapped and crapped today was looking for shares but could not find anything. What a crappy pump lol.


This thing continues to inch up. Pre promotion speculators are banking but still no sign of an actual promotion. I will continue to watch closely to see if there is any confirmation of a promotion. This could be a potential short down the line with confirmation of a promotion with compensation and some more upward continuation.


This thing has inched its way back two times now. There has to be a reason. Most likely a re pump coming soon on this one. Would love to short into that. Will continue to watch closely.


Another that has inched its way back around $1. However, crappy pumpers(smallcapfortunes,monster trading alerts, etc) are starting to send emails on this. They are also being compensated which possibly means dump round 2 around the corner. I'll be looking for shares to short. Small long term short position. I already made money shorting this once see here


Illegal Spam pump that continues. When this thing starts to dump it will be trading at .01 or below in a month.

Tomorrow the will have their new pick. No way in hell will I be going long. However, in a week or two hopefully it will be worth a short.

Pump and Dumps that I have done research reports on and their recent HUGE DUMPS.


Read my report HERE . I released my report Jan 27, 2013 when PSON was trading around .89 . PSON has completely dumped since closed today at .477


I released my latest research report see here on January 22nd 2013 when USGT was trading at .75 it then went on to tank and is currently trading at .2670 .

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