Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Watchlist for February 6, 2013


We got another gap up today. Very strong hit a high of $2.25. Then we had some weakness. It did not go from green to red. Held Up. Closed at $1.92. I think this bounce continues tomorrow. I did short 1k shares at $2.04 but didnt short more because I thought I was early. I might be looking for shares tomorrow depending on price action. I hope this still has 1-2 days left of bouncing. Read my ECAU report at http:/www.ecauscam.com

Also check out my video on $ECAU below


Pump continues. Surprised its holding up at these levels. I am still looking for shares, I will be looking to take a longer term short position in this. See my research report on it here


Have not found shares looks like its going drop without me :( ."


Still in inch mode. Still no confirmation of promotion. I will continue to watch


Up 14% today. Crappy pumpers sending emails out this makes me comfortabe to short around these levels. I will be looking for shares until I can get them. Hopefully does not tank without me. I already made money shorting this once see here http://profit.ly/1MnCJ4?aff=803


This was bullexchanges new pump. I did not buy because I think they are crappy promoters now. However,I alerted people on twitter this morning to the unusual action and then moments later on when it was confirmed. That is why its important to follow me on twitter here https://twitter.com/StockRealist Tweets


Illegal Spam pump. Looking weak. Beginning of the end?

Weed Stocks and Their Recent Runs Coming to an End?





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