Thursday, February 7, 2013

Watchlist for February 8, 2013


We got another gap up today. However Timothy Sykes and Fraud Research Institute were both short and eager to take this down. They succeeded. Timothy Sykes wrote a blog post here and you can read Fraud Research Report on seekingalpha here. Congrats to both on banking and exposing $ECAU but remember who put out information exposing this first. Go read my ECAU report at http:/

which I put up days ago. I made $500 this go around on a very small position. 1.1k shares they were the only shares I could get, I wanted more. See my first trade profiting of $ECAU here . I will post my recent trade tomorrow.

Also check out my video on $ECAU below


Starting to fade away. Wish I could of found shares to short yesterday or this morning. No borrow no cry. Congrats to anyone who found shares. See my research report on it here


Still in inch mode. Still no confirmation of promotion. I will continue to watch


Closed down 31% what a dump. I shorted this at .94 this morning. Covered all shares .81 and below. Will post trade on tomorrow. Congrats to anyone who been reading the watchlists and shorted with me. This was a gimmie considering all the crappy promoters getting paid to promote this POS


This was bullexchanges new pump. Pretty much confirms what we already knew about them. They suck stay away from their pumps. Might be worth shorting their picks out the gate on the initial spike lol.


Illegal Spam pump. Looking weak. Looking like next stop .01 lol


Looking good. There is a hard mailer out on this see it here . Also follow Tim Lento on twitter he tends to tweet out hard mailers he receives which is good to hear about that real time. Hoping $SWVI can keep going so it will be worth a short. Been sometime since APS has a good promo


Stock Psycho pump. Many crappy pumpers followed. They were selling a lot of shares into the buying today. Unfortunately there was no shares to short today. I tried all day. No borrow no cry......

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