Thursday, February 28, 2013

Watchlist for March 1, 2013


Here is a poor kid that bought $SWVI

Take a look at this other funny video of $SWVI

Man do I wish I could have these shares back :. Like I said yesterday in my watchlist I expected weakness considering that Victory Mark had its pick today. Looks like Game Over! Congrats to Mark Croock for banking big time on it!

APS gang second try to squeeze the shorts was an EPIC Fail


I covered 2k today at .11. Still Short 5k from .16-.17. Hopefully cover below .05 tomorrow. This was a gimmie knowing that Stock Psycho had a pick today people were going throw in the towel on CNCT. Read my CNCT article here


New Stock Psycho play to read my thoughts on this check out this blogpost here

Intraday chart


Took my biggest short loss to date on this. 1.5k loss(basically gave back half my profits from my previous 3k profit). I was arrogant and my hard head wanted to profit to bad instead of processing the signals that all pointed to cutting the loss a lot quicker before. Can't get it verified on until tomorrow so I am going to do a whole blog post dedicated to my mistake and lessons to take away from my stupidity. I'll keep watching for a potential reshort. Meantime read my article on $GNIN here . Next one should be fun.


I longed this premarket because the big volume pointed to this definitely being the pick. This is why its important for you to follow me on twitter. Here is my tweet telling you about $REDG pre market Here is proof of my small buy order (I am still getting comfortable with these and why I played it small. I will be a little more aggressive on the next one . This one was already on people's radar. If I was on my toes and noticed that $REDG updated their site I dont have a screenshot of what it looked yesterday but it was really crappy)I would of definitely been aggressive pre market because it 95% likely would of been the pick.


People speculating this could be pick. Some action into the close. Something to watch tomorrow.


Some nice action today. Nice uptrend. Its a pump here is the pump page Big Market Gap already though. I am not interested in longing because there is so much free trading shares out there

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