Sunday, March 10, 2013

Watchlist for March 11, 2013

I have been receiving a lot of questions lately. Sorry if I am losing my patience but most questions are answered with a little effort. If you want to know what broker I use just check out my trades on my where I verify my trades. If you have broker questions just check out the brokers website. Effort goes a long way :) . Michael Goode nails it here


Very impressive by the pumpers. If I short I would box because this thing could keep going. Scary when something like this is squeezing like this. Here is my blogpost about my recent GNIN loss (I cut my loss but I should of cut it even sooner. Learn)


Do Not be a Penny Stock Moron $SWVI

Covered my short position Friday. Maybe I should of been more patient. This probably tanks more Monday considering APS sent out emails touting a new pick coming soon. SWVI officially done. Here is my trade


1-2-3 Stock Alerts was compensated 60k by CFM Capital Financial Media which = smallcapfortunes. This is going end up being a good short. Hopefully they can pump it to $1.10-1.20.


Tribeca was compensated 60k by Winning Media


More Crappy Pumpers on this. I will be trying to short.

PICKS THIS WEEK and are touting new picks coming very soon. Be on your toes for that

Check out how I have bounced back since my biggest short loss

Read How I have made 10k Shorting Penny Stocks because Tim's Trading Challenge here

I also have posted new video lessons on my

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