Monday, March 11, 2013

Watchlist for March 12, 2013


Don't know what to think here. Refuses to dump probably squeezes higher. This is crazy. I am staying away. Here is my blogpost about my recent GNIN loss (I cut my loss but I should of cut it even sooner. Learn)


This was uncompensated PennyStockProphet pump. See my Trade Recap here


Do Not be a Penny Stock Moron $SWVI

Game over going below .10 this week. See my recent $SWVI trade


1-2-3 Stock Alerts was compensated 60k by CFM Capital Financial Media which = smallcapfortunes. Hopefully more pumpage or sign of hard mailer comes up this week and pushes this $1+ where I will be looking to short.


More Crappy pumpers on this tonight. Not a good sign for longs. I see the dump around the corner.


Tribeca compensated pump that did terrible. What else is new? I took the shares IB had right at the opening bell. Made about $100


I am still looking for shares to short. This probably tanks without me.


CLDS landing page here claiming 2.5 million dollar budget. Who knows if that budget is legit. Definitely worth watching.


Jala landing page here Doing well. Hope keeps going for a better short.

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