Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Watchlist for March 14, 2013


Today we had a couple interesting things happen. First hats off to Aquaresearch for the great research report they put out here. Another is we saw some great manipulation today. Huge size on the offer from multiple market makers WDCO, ARCA again. This hit a low of $1.53 before bouncing and closing at $1.84. When I have no idea whats going on I stay away. I would def not go long. Here is my blogpost about my recent GNIN loss (I cut my loss but I should of cut it even sooner. Learn)

Hard mailer Plays


$SRBL (I am short, looking to short more)


$AGIN(still early in pump will be good short next week.)

More info on them here


Another crappy pumper on it. I have been trying to short all week no luck finding shares.

Other Plays to watch out for has a pick very soon

The BullExchange Crew has a pick coming soon

Lot of crappy pumpers touting a subpenny pick for 9:30 am something to watch. To bad its subpenny wont be worth shorting unless it runs up huge.

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